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Say goodbye to cumbersome ICM solutions—transition to our streamlined, user-friendly system for effortless management and operation.

SOC 2 Type 1 Certified

ZenCentiv is proud to announce that we have successfully completed the SOC 2 Type 1 audit. This attestation verifies that ZenCentiv’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security, availability and confidentiality.

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Overwhelmed with existing complex ICM solutions?

Struggling with complex ICM solutions even in 2024? Traditional systems are outdated, built on misconceptions of real-world incentive management, leading to excessive complexity and high costs for both setup and maintenance. Enter ZenCentive: designed by Fortune 500 ICM veterans to simplify your experience and cut costs.

Easy Onboarding

No Expensive Services Engagement

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Complex plans? Bring it on!

Integrate with CRM, HRMS. Let's do it!

Route beautiful Plan Documents

No need for in-house expert

Launch and Motivate

Standard reports at your fingertips

Did we say easy to manage?

Reduce Errors & Streamline Administration

Empower your team with commission management software that leverages powerful automation to eradicate manual errors and effortlessly navigate complex commission structures. Embrace a culture of continuous improvement by regularly refining your processes, valuing feedback, and diligently maintaining error reports. Together, let's enhance accuracy and efficiency, propelling our journey towards excellence.


Powerful Automation

Eliminate Errors

Complex Plan Structures

Audit Friendly

Continuous Improvement

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We speak Incentives!

Say goodbye to the steep learning curve in commission management. Our decades of experience have enabled us to build a tool that handles complexity seamlessly, allowing you to become proficient with ease starting on day 1.

Premier support

Elevate your experience with Premier Support – our commitment to providing you with unparalleled assistance and expertise. Count on us to be there whenever you need, ensuring your success and satisfaction.

Fast to Deploy

Deploy sales plans in hours or days VS weeks or months.

User Centric Solution for Sales Compensation Management

Introducing the industry's sole user-centric solution for sales compensation management. At its core, our platform is designed with your team in mind, ensuring a seamless, intuitive experience that empowers your salesforce and streamlines your compensation processes. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace the future of sales compensation management with confidence

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Iterate Fast Without The Overhead Of Steap Learning Curve

Experience rapid progress without the burden of a steep learning curve. Our user-friendly platform enables you to iterate quickly, focusing on your goals instead of struggling with complex onboarding processes, ultimately accelerating your path to success

No Unnecessary Overhead


Focus Goals.

Accelerate Success


Quantifiable Results

Flexible Menu-Driven Calculation Engine

Crafted for Simple, Complex and everything in between Sales Compensation Plans. We have got you covered on all types of sales compensation plans


No Rules or Formulas

Complex Crediting

Flexibly hold and release payments

Balance Recovery


Payment Approval

Period Locking

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Process & Monitor in Real-time

Our cutting-edge platform allows you to efficiently manage and oversee incentive programs, providing instant insights into sales performance. With real-time monitoring, you can adapt strategies on the fly, recognize top-performing individuals or teams, and ensure your incentives program is always aligned with your sales goals, keeping your business at the forefront of motivation and achievement

Cutting-Edge Platform

Efficient Management

Instant Insights

Real-Time Monitoring

Recognize Top-Performers

Goal Alignment

Simple Integration

Integration is at the heart of any sales incentives managements platform. We offer integration with wide range of third party tools

Curious if we can connect to your source?


Plan Document Management

With intelligent routing, multi-level workflow capabilities, and payment approval functions, we ensure that your plan documents are efficiently processed. Progress tracking and certification management further enhance visibility and control. Plus, our platform is fully customizable, adapting to your specific needs and ensuring that your plan documents are meticulously organized and accessible, making compliance and administration a breeze

Intelligent Routing

Multi-level workflow

Payment Approval

Progress Tracking


Fully customizable

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What Our Users Says

See why companies are excited about ZenCentiv

Very impressed and very pleased now that we have implemented and are fully on board. Like how responsive it is, speed at developing customized reporting, ease of ongoing use for both Admin and Sales Team.

Paul Pirozzi

President/Owner - Plastics Manufacturing Resources

We were spending hours exporting and calculating commissions and now, with ZenCentiv, we can automate this process and give our reps better visibility into their commissions in real-time. The onboarding and configuration process was intuitive and, with a little help from the ZenCentiv team, were able to self-implement our plans.

Kaitlyn Houseman

Manager - LightYear

It saves us a lot of time helping sales reps understand their compensation and commissions. We used to spend hours going through this stuff, now it feels a bit more transparent.

Peter R.

CFO - WayToFly

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered all frequently asked questions, Still confused? feel free to contact us.

What sets ZenCentiv apart from other sales compensation management systems?

ZenCentiv stands out for its ability to provide a deeper level of intelligence when it comes to sales compensation management. Unlike many other systems, ZenCentiv has the unique capability to comprehend and handle sales compensation plans at a profound level. This means it understands the intricate details and nuances of compensation plans without requiring extensive manual configuration or formula writing.

How does ZenCentiv simplify the administration process for users?

ZenCentiv simplifies the administration process by seamlessly connecting various aspects of the application. This includes crediting logic, reporting, and commission calculations. The system does this without the need for users to manually tweak every individual component. As a result, ZenCentiv offers a streamlined and user-friendly administration experience, significantly reducing the complexity typically associated with managing sales compensation

How does ZenCentiv reduce the risk of errors in sales compensation management?

ZenCentiv's deep intelligence and its ability to interconnect different parts of the application means that the system greatly reduces the risk of errors in sales compensation management. By automating and optimizing various processes, ZenCentiv minimizes the chances of miscalculations, omissions, or inconsistencies that can occur when managing compensation plans manually. This, in turn, helps organizations maintain accurate and error-free compensation processes.

Is ZenCentiv the right sales compensation tool for our company?

ZenCentiv is a versatile sales compensation tool suitable for companies of all sizes. Whether your organization has just a few salespeople or is scaling up to include thousands, ZenCentiv can effectively meet your needs. Our solution is designed to be highly scalable without increasing complexity, ensuring that it can seamlessly adapt and support your company's growth, no matter how large your sales team becomes. So, regardless of the size and growth trajectory of your company, ZenCentiv is a versatile choice to streamline your sales compensation management.

Does the system require extensive training to operate?

Unlike other systems on the market that demand extensive classes and certifications to use, ZenCentiv is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It is highly intuitive and requires minimal training. Many of our customers have successfully self-implemented complex compensation plans within weeks, often with just a couple of support engagements for addressing specific questions. This user-centric approach allows your team to quickly and efficiently start using ZenCentiv without the need for extensive and time-consuming training sessions.

What are unique features specific to ZenCentiv?

There are several standout features that set ZenCentiv apart, but two of the most distinctive ones are the intelligent territory credit assignment and bonus management tools. These features offer a level of functionality and intelligence not commonly found in other systems on the market. To explore these unique features and more, we invite you to schedule a demo with our team. This will provide you with an in-depth look at how ZenCentiv can revolutionize your sales compensation management.

Do you offer free trail?

Yes, we do! Once you sign up with ZenCentiv, we offer 2-month, no-obligation free trail, complete with full implementation of plans. Signing appropriate NDAs is a required step.

ZenCentiv is easy to setup and launch

You can launch in days, instead of weeks or months

Step 1 - Collaborate!

Let's discuss your plans

Step 2 - Implement!

Implement plans in days instead of weeks and months

Step 3 - Launch!

Unlock a productivity boost with the tool's launch, propelling your operations to new levels of success