New Feature: Sales Plan Document Management Built Into ZenCentiv Commission Software


By ZenCentiv

Dec 21, 2022

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ZenCentiv is pleased to announce a new built-in feature, Sales Plan Document Management. This much-requested module streamlines the process of creating, storing, sharing, approving, and the general workflow of managing sales compensation plan documents.

“Sales Plan Documents are a critical part of any sales organization”, said Denis Hiller, Head of Marketing at ZenCentiv. “We are pleased to seamlessly integrate the creation, sharing, and workflow of these documents within our sales commission software to give our clients the best user experience.”

Sales Plan Doc templates are automatically created for every employee on a commission plan, effortlessly pulling in quota, rate, and bonus details. These templates can be easily customized as needed. Creating workflows and approval processes is simple yet elegant.


Sales Plan documents can be routed to an individual or an entire sales team. Admins and sales reps can easily monitor the status of approvals. Sales Ops and other key stakeholders can download reports with meaningful analytics about the sales plan docs process.

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